Story Time

I love motorcycles. Since I was a little girl in the middle of nowhere in Dominican Republic I fell in love with them. I remember How at 10 I wanted to join the dirt bike league in my town and was turned away for being a girl. No one wanted to teach me. Had the same experience with wanting to learn to play drums and i was told that was not a proper instrument for little girls…) So, I placed that little dream of my in a little box of should’ve-could’ve-would’ve and moved on with my life as our family emigrated to the States. Once here, between magnet school programs, college, and life I found myself about 8 years ago finally taking the Motorcycle Safety Rider course and passing it with flying colors. when I was about to purchase my first bike, a good friend of mine passed away in a very tragic motorcycle accident. That was enough for me to put motorcycles in the back burner since then.

I’ve had this idea for Bikerella & Co. for about 10 years, dormant. A few false starts and then abandonment. Until recently, I decided to unpack the dream and go for it. I enrolled in a Motorcycle Repair School recently and planning a road trip soon. In order to fund those milestones, I had decided to create a line of clothing for women bikers like myself. I am now using my skills as a graphic designer and fashion design graduate to create a fun and timeless line, that is classy with a bit of sass (very unlike the lot of us 😛 )

Just for your visit and consideration in purchasing from my shop, I thank you. Should you place an order, I will be greatly thankful that you make my goal a little more reachable. Follow me and this little venture on Instagram for updates and special promotions.

See you all out there, Road Warriors!


Yahidith/Bikerella & Co.